Tuesday, June 22, 2010

funny how it became a trend to love fashion.

Somebody explain me what is going on with the world and why is everyone acting out as they actually 'care' about fashion. Everyone around me (even those who used to judge me for following a fashion career) is interested on what they are wearing and whose the trendiest designer of the moment. Most importantly though, everyone wants to follow a fashion career. They all want to taste, to feel and to be in that world. That world that .. they barely know or even not know at all. I don't really understand why did it became suddenly trendy to be 'related' to fashion. why now? The designers have always been amazing. The shows, the clothes, the models have always been perfect.

balmain's famous jackets - biggest trends of these past seasons.

Because someone likes to shop and suddenly has an interest to a few designer names, does that mean they are passionate? does that mean they should follow a fashion career? Or are they just following the flow of the crowd? But isn't that ironic then.. because fashion is all about being creative and unique .. no?

to be continued..



softbonesbabyy said...

excellent point! ive seen people that used to chastise me for my pursuit into a fsh career, and they used to mock me saying fashion is a stupid choice-and that one does not have to go to school to become a great fashion designer...that they just become one day out of no where! when really some of the greatest designers went to school to learn and perfect the way of design such as marc jacobs went to parsons,mcqueen went to st.martin's, rei kawakubo went to college of art in tokyo, and the list goes on...it baffles me to see so many people suddenly into fashion when they were making fun of me and judging me for making the same choice not too long ago. One person even told me AAU was not a 'real' school, and a waste of time but now one of their closest friends is attending AAU...for design. what a surprise. everyone is a hypocrite. and i hate it.

melly said...

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