Friday, February 12, 2010

unexpected and shocking loss to the fashion industry.

simply speechless.

There are no words to describe the deep sorrow each one of us is feeling today, no words to describe the talent and the art that this man brought to us over the past years.

Alexander McQueen was that edge, that darkness, this feeling deep inside that felt... so real... Each collections had a point, leaving you breathless and impossible to forget. He might have been 'too dark' 'too shocking' for some, but to me, he was simply showing what everyone else was afraid to show. Another side of life and humanity. He's proved to the world that fashion is truly art, in every form; clothes, accessories, but most importantly the theatrical fashion shows.

The world lost a great, talented man today,
he will always be loved, remembered and an inspiration to many.

we all love you McQueen. <3 RIP.



Anonymous said...

The dress is unbelievable and so artistic!

I couldn't believe it either when I found out he was dead.

P.S. I really like your fashion illustrations. :)

Toyin Lola said...

i love how you basically summarize what great things he did up.He will be missed.