Monday, February 1, 2010

Get the look: Haute couture SS2010

Haute Couture spring/summer 2010

This spring will be bright and shiny.
From sequins, beads, tull and shimmer fabrics, this season's haute couture is refreshing and sparkling. Dior isn't the only one focusing on drape and details. After playing around on I found similar pieces so check that out.


Get the look:

GTL - Givenchy SSHC10
Forever 21 at ShopStyle


Get the look:

GTL -- chanel HC SS10
Forever 21 at ShopStyle


Get the look:

GTL -- Valentino HC SS10
Forever 21 at ShopStyle


Get the look:

GTL -- Armani HC SS10
Wet Seal at ShopStyle

Looking for pieces inspired by the runway demands searching for similar shapes, colors, fabric ect... Now we can grasp the look of a design, add our own flare to it, and keep it unique. Its all about having fun and being creative. :)

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