Tuesday, December 8, 2009

B-cuz its my B-day // Pre-Fall2010

It's been officially.. four hours that I am 19 years old. and I feel old

I already got an amazing present. My first Chanel sunglasses. well actually my very first.. CHANEL. Which is very special to me, since Chanel has always been dear to my soul and life. So I am sharing it on my blog :)
They remind me of the 5018 ones, which I adore but are impossible to get. AH I am very very very grateful. I hope that will be the first to many Chanel in the future ^^
now that ... THAT'S OUT.

Let's talk Pre-Fall 2010!
pre-fall means its almost time for fall collection. And mostly feeds the needs of those that are impatient for it ..like myself. Here are some of my favorites.

Chanel gone wild? lots of leather and over the knee boots. I would be glad to wear any pieces of this collection. Quite dark, with some flashy colors and cool prints. Very modern and classy. I'm glad the traditional Chanel still came through all this innovation.
For some reason, reminds me of Balenciaga spring10. the structures, prints and colors are amazing. the bags and shoes as well. and I'm totally GAGA over those extremely liquid like leggings.
love. love. love. the coats and cardigans. the dresses and trousers are quite hot as well
Oscar de la renta
Some cool miss-matching was going on, but staying on the same color. lOVE the soft colors in this show. also the coats and cropped pants fitted great.
Alexander Wang
nothing extravagant. yet well structured and sharp. dark but provocative and simple.

now can't wait for fall 2010



mariska said...

oh wow..
now i have style guide from the pics above..



laelivelove said...

Thanks :) this is only prefall 2010 lol