Wednesday, November 18, 2009

KILLER SHOES! ...literally

Its no mystery that studs have been quite fashionable lately, neither is the new relationships between designers and fast fashion shops. Louise Goldin's stilettos might not have been as controversial as McQueen's Spring 2010, however they were good enough for TopShop to do a line together. The "more-affordable" versions, which resemblances are quite amazing, will be launched in the spring of 2010 at TopShop. Let's hope they still aren't too expensive.

Some of these oddly remind me of Louboutin's hum.



Anonymous said...

Those pumps are hype! Definitely gives a raw edge to any outfit. How much will they be going for at TopShop in the spring?

laelivelove said...

I have no idea yet how much they will be :)

Technolustmaxx said...

Thank you! I'm now probably going to totally abuse my new found video-embedding powers.

Meanwhile, I dare you to wear those shoes.

LC said...

I think they are awesome...


LC said...

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Congrats! keep up the good work...