Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im GaGa 4 McQueen!

If you haven't seen Gaga's latest music video for Bad romance yet..
well get out of here already and watch it. OR just scroll down and play it down the post ;)
Remember Spring 2010, yeh the Alexander McQueen show, where the shoes and Lady gaga's new song was played at? well forget the runway. The crazy shoes have been spotted all over Bad Romance music video. And I love it. Non only do I admire Lady Gaga and her edginess but I just love how she uses fashion to influence her music and vice versa. Isn't it the point from every business nowadays, to send a message, a fresh image and stand out from the crowd? So why do everyone suddenly turn their backs on someone that brings fresh air to the music industry? Music and Fashion have infinitely been impacting each other, and it feels like miss Gaga finally brings the ultimate bond from one another. Im excited to see and hear more from her.. and hopefully more shoes!! ps: did you guys caught a glimpse at that burberry coat and those shoes that looked like nina ricci's?



Technolustmaxx said...

I wonder what we'll all think of Lady GaGa in a decade's time.

Also, how come you can get videos into your blog and I can't?!

laelivelove said...

I will be proud to be remembered by her xD haha i just love her.