Friday, October 16, 2009

"play hard .. feel safe." lip gloss to protect date rape!

_ according to the press release. 2LoveMyLips

How sad is this world that we have to invent such things. With the amount of drink spiking rising, this is a genius idea for all of us that love to go clubbing and have fun while keeping ourselves safe. This lip gloss not only gives you shiny, fuller lips but it comes with a drug testing kit in the form of a pink taper that can detect GHB and Ketamine, which are common "date rape" drug used in bars and night club. Suspicious? well simply put the taper in the drink. If it turns blue, immediately find help or a cop. And you should be safe. This new product that just launched in UK is soon enough going to come here in the US, then Australia. 2LoveMyLips is also planning on distributing the gloss in various pubs and clubs' toilet which are places girls might need it the most. I find this idea amazing and will recommend any girl to get it. I sure will get mine as soon as it will be launched here :) "Not just an accessory.. a necessity for all modern women." Tracy Whittaker (founder of 2LoveMyLips)

Brilliant! which flavor will you pick?

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