Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hay its Chanel!

one word.. EPIC.
forget the city, forget the classy runway and clean performances.
Chanel bought it on ..again.
It seems like I am yet to be amaze by this man's creations and imagination. Way to make this spring show the best I have every seen. As much as I am a fan of fall/winter this was incredible.

We've been bought back to our roots. To the countryside where it all started. In the garden of Marie Antoinette, very coquette yet still very classy. from the love fight in the hay to the lily Allen performance.. I am just in awe.
photos from here

I would die to once again wear any pieces from this runway. Even the menswear was formidable. The shoes were very chic and modern, the clogs were great ^^. Overall great performance, great fabric, nice act from the models, nice music, and it sure was a big change from the typical "walking down a runway"..

I am far from being the countryside kind of girl, however Id live in Farm Chanel any day.

<3 lae

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