Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Only wearable clothes are acceptable..o.o

"Who would seriously wear that?"
"Id laugh if I saw someone wearing that on the street.."

Chanel Haute Couture FW08

I have heard statements like these, too many times. It is as if I was stabbed right in the guts each time I hear it. Some just don't get it.

Dior Haute Couture SS07

I persist everyday to acknowledge people, how fashion isn't only something to wear. FASHION IS ART. When watching a Haute Couture show, it is mostly for the pleasure of the eye and not only to "buy" or see it worn by somebody. If I was incredibly rich, I would most likely buy some of the pieces to expose as art.
Alexander McQueen RTW SS10

It probably doesn't come to mind that Art is perceived through different ways and not only as paintings in a museum. Some goes to concerts to listen to music, others go to the movies to watch films, and people like me watch runways to admire fashion. The way a fabric is shaped, dyed, and looks. The way it moves when worn down the runway. the way a whole collection can be so connected to one another. the whole idea behind the concept. the beat and decor to the show. I think its what makes it so beautiful and appealing. I wish people would care more about the beauty of it and not as something useless only to be wearable.

it is amazing to see designers like Gareth Pugh, where passion and art is at the top of the list.

I understand some issues to come before Fashion. And being more relevant. However it is not an excuse to make the fashion industry look so "dull". I strongly believe that fashion had and still impacts cultures and societies. I believe it played a role in history and has influenced many as much as it was influenced itself.

No matter what people think. Lady gaga is the perfect example of Fashion influencing music and vice-versa.

Fashion is ART. the end.



Eleanor said...

And isn't that why it is called "haute couture"?
I agree with you fully and will mention one more thing -
Whether or not people will wear it in their "real lives", it is from these works of art that we truly see the creative genius behind them.

laelivelove said...

thank you :) this is an issue that ive heard way too many times.. I try not to let it bother me so much .. however I just had to rant a little about it.

Ashley said...

yea your so right lady gaga style envolves so much thats what makes her so great and edgy.