Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barbie wears Louboutin.

The renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin is giving Barbie a make over. She will not only wear some of his most precious stilettos but classy clothes, new curves and smaller ankles will be expected. That's right, Louboutin evoked he always had a "'girly side' who liked barbie" on a WWD interview. He also mentioned that barbie's ankle were too fat for his liking which is the reason why he will give her a slimmer look to fit his shoes.

Three dolls, each with four pairs of Louboutin's Barbie heels and all will be traveling in Louboutin's extravagant shoe boxes. The dolls will be sold on and for roughly 150$ each.

source here

I am quite jealous, considering I have always drooled over his red soles. Until then though, I hope to be lucky enough and get my hands on one of Louboutin's dolls ^^



Technolustmaxx said...

That's actually really funny.

Does this mean that Barbie straddles 'high' and 'low' culture?

laelivelove said...

Its barbie going to paris :) At least the theme they are portraying. I think it will be a great add to any barbie collections, and as a Louboutin fan I respect any involvement he has in this project xD

Technolustmaxx said...

Thanks for reading :)

I wouldn't bother watching 'Less Than Zero' unless your an avid Ellis fan.

In fact, a clear analogy can be drawn between your post and mine- the book has all the aesthetic qualities of Louboutin the film has all the slick, callous, commerce of Mattel.

IvyLi said...

This is hilarious. As if Barbie wasn't enough of a Diva already!!! Now she has Louboutins. Lord, help us all!!
I would actually buy 1 of these, but not 4 $150. I'd rather invest in my own Louboutins.

Anonymous said...

this is so cool

Anonymous said...

nice lol