Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another DIY

Remember when I said Fashion Marketers knew the urge for our generation to be "different". And how they're spoiling us with a wide variety and broad ways to customize their products?

well so much of the shoe addict that I am, I almost went crazy when I heard about the new section added to Aldo shoe store. That's right. The famous shoe maker whose been making stilettos inspired by our favorite designers is reaching out further by adding DIY also known as Design It Yourself. You can now purchase any shoes, accessories then pick a kit and add to your liking. There is just about anything for everyone; from pearls, to studs, to chains and fabric. After customizing your shoes, you can not only wear them out and be unique but you can as well enter for Aldo's contest where the winner will collaborate on a new Aldo design to be featured in fall/winter 2010 collection. Now I'm sure there are plenty of girls and boys out there who dream for this opportunity.

the website you need to check out here

Scissors in hand, heels on, ready.. set and compete!


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