Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Valentino is such a Diva.

One thing I'm most definitely going to miss about the Academy of Art in San Francisco were the symposiums with people in the industry coming to talk to us. Each of them were so interesting and gave me insights of how it is to be part of this all other world. In the release of this new dvd "the last emperor : Valentino" just a few weeks ago, I felt like it was the right time to talk about Matt Tyrnauer (journalist, director of the movie). As mentioned, I had the privilege to attend this very special symposium when Matt Tyrnauer gave us his speech and showed clips of his work. He gave us his opinions on working side by side with Valentino and Giammetti. How it taught him and made him appreciate fashion. Every bit of his presentation was very interesting. The movie itself just brings the joy, the magic and the love of fashion in one. It evokes the passion of a man, Valentino, who himself was part of the beginning of Haute Couture. And most of all, the man behind the curtain.. Giammetti. Very pleasant to watch this movie I definitely recommend it to any fashion lovers. It is such a shame that Valentino had to retire, seems like no one is put up for the label after all but him.. I really wish someone understands enough the romance and history of Valentino so that they can bring it back to life like in the days of Valentino himself.

Matt Tyrnauer with Cheryl At the AAU symposium

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