Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SPOTTED !! Queen B and little Jenny on POLYVORE.COM

So Last Night was the return of our guilty pleasure Gossip Girl on CW.
Tv shows have been a great way for trends to set around and get to the public. Either you admit it or not we all wish we had their wardrobes.

Don't we all want to have the classy chic of Blair W. or the edge of not-so-little Jenny H.

We drool over their oh so fabulous lives in Manhattan and of course the handsome boys that surround them. So as I recently discovered this AmazinG website polyvore.com I thought I'd show you the 2 "IT" girls from GG who were spotted on the websites with more than a hundred "get the look" pictures like these. So not only this is in honor of Gossip Girl, But this very website has quite a few celebs, brands and you can shop designers on it. So now that, that's out, my guilty thoughts are how Chuck and Blaire's fashion never cease to make me jealous. Okay not only that ;).



ms.iconia said...

u follow polyvore.com too?i like the web very much feels like having the items without spending the money to it..hehehe but i don't know how to put the polyvore pic into a blogspot..maybe i should try it again..

IvyLi said...

I really like your blog!
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laelivelove said...

thanks ill check it out :)

Anonymous said...

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