Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long time no write. One of these so call recap.

As New york experienced the rush and adrenaline of Fashion week at Bryant park. I myself had to somehow recover from the sudden overwhelming work that was thrown at me this past week. A little late, yes I am. Let's just leave it as Fashionably late ;)

A little recap of NY fashion week spring 2010.
I am yet to be the one seating front row at these runways and get to experience the magic. However, as every year I get to feel the adrenaline of beats and steps right in front of my dear computer. Thank god for the internet. I see lots of ruffles, colors, satin, tulle, and sheer fabrics. Is it me or the miss-matching just fit rights?

Siriano was OH so amazing. His "nude" pieces were just crafted beautifully. Definitely going to look for a nude color skirt or dress after seeing that show. After supporting him on PR Its the first show I saw from him. And the shoes! very Prada/D&G like don't you think? watch here

Its those pieces you can wear with anything and that just fit in this period of "80's back". Lots of contrast and structure that are fun to wear and look at.Jason WU watch here

Black to white is pretty much the color palette ruling my closet. "you can never go wrong with black" right?! well Vera Wang craziness appealed to me as much as the jewelry "blang blang" to my eyes o.o watch here

A mix from Lara croft soldier to Equitation and menswear gone lady and sexy would probably fit my description of Alexander Wang 's show, which was very interesting to watch and some pieces that are worth saving for. watch here

Marc Jacobs' show was as usual quite overwhelming which I learned to adore and appreciate. The ruffles and the coats were my favorites. watch here

Many designers that brought on a good show. :)
hope you enjoyed


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