Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's Play Rachel Zoe.

Who doesn't like browsing through the last season of Dior online, or keeping track of the new items at your favorite store? Or am I alone on that one.Click Here Of course we love to feed our needs and please our urge of shopping. So much of the fashion stalker that I am.. I recently noticed more and more websites include their own "lookbooks" which I think are amazing for people that don't know much about putting outfits together. I came across this good website where you can create your own looks. Heres two of mine, if you click on them it will direct you to my other ones. Go sign up lets be friend. If you have any good shopping websites let me know of them. :D Talking about lookbooks. I'm sure many of you have heard about I used to use it myself. Wondering what you guys think about that website? Do I believe they help set up and spread trends? definitely. Is it a bad thing? In a way. I think demonstrates this image where you got to be perfectly stick thin, wear vintage and expensive clothes in order to be in the "hot" looks. Which I think kind of breaks the image and goal of this website. Now, I can already hear, "dear, fashion is cruel and full of advertisement promoting the same plot". However I still think its different, since it is actual people, like me and you, who "hypes" and decides. On another matter though it helps let people be creative and play around with their outfit and as mentioned spread and set some trends around. As most of us says and repeat. Fashion comes from runways as much as it comes from the streets nowadays. is a perfect example of that fact.

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Love your blog - great comments! And good point about being stick thin to look good - hmmmm the Dove Adverts in the UK are using 'real' women and they have never had such a successful advertising campaign and I think that says more than I probably could in a whole big rant!