Sunday, September 6, 2009

I want them high.. thats right ..right up my thigh

Tell me what first comes to mind when I say bootie and thigh high? ..what's that?

From knee down to ankle, bootie boots were a big hit these past years. all shapes, all textures, studded rock to classy chic. They were so popular and fitted great to everyone and every lifestyle. And

maybe its a coincidence, and somewhat ironic but I never included Louis Vuitton in the list of shows I must watch online after fashion week. When I got told that this LV show I just HAD to watch. This was right after it was on the net. I watched the runway and first thing that flashed to my eyes were, no not the bunny ears, but the amazing and extreme thigh high boots. "I gotta have a pair", I thought. I knew right at that moment it was gonna become huge.

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Now I know its been quite a while since this runway. But what really made me talk about this was what happened yesterday when going to the mall. Ever since I've been looking around for real thigh high boots that were still at a reasonable price..I found a pair that was barely over the knee and wasn't completely satisfying my need. So yesterday I walked into Baker shoestore. Looked around and noticed some over-knee boots and some a little higher. I thought that's it ..I might have just found them. The girl comes and says " YES over the knees and thigh high boots are going be very trendy this season" I smiled to myself for the prediction came true I made to myself.

ps: I didnt buy the boots they were not high enough :) still searching though.



Lou said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting.

I agree with everything you've said in your 'about me' section. I too learnt the hard way about poems that don't have to rhyme (i've still got a little gripe about that one- some can rhyme and that's okay!) and also that stories don't always have to be so clear cut! The best thing about being a writer is that we have poetic licence to write however and whichever way we please. Yay!

BTW, i'm not too sure about these thigh-high boots. I'm sure the men would love them but you've gotta have some metaphorical balls to wear them out on the street! I admire anyone who does so! hehe

Cool blog :)

laelivelove said...

thank you :)

and yes I WOULD def .. but again I tend to always dress up my way and make the street my runway xD its how much I love fashion!!

Alison said...

OO I love them BUT I am 5' 10" with a slight back issue so I can't wear really big heels and that is my big bug bear this season - why are the heels so darn high!!!!!

laelivelove said...

haha I know chinese laundry has a low heel version.. but more of the "over-the-knee" look. Just wait im sure you will find a pair that fits you. Im waiting for everyone to come out with them. :D