Sunday, August 16, 2009

Used is the new .. NEW?

vintage became the new trend. because we all buy "one of a kind" pieces and we feel great since nobody else (well in our knowledge) we'll have the same article of clothing. However, a unique piece doesn't make it unique if you wear it the exact same way than everybody else. yes yes you know what I am talking about. empire waist floral skirts with belts, leggings, high knee socks, long cardigans etc, etc.. Sometimes I feel when i wear just a simple skirt and a shirt i am completely original since everybody around me is trying so hard to look like the last cory kennedy picture or the last hot look on Lookbook. The whole hobo chic and classy rock has gone far. and is seen everywhere. I remember the times where skinny jeans for girls and for boys were such a bad thing to wear. Yet you can see it anywhere know. Something even scarier is that hot topic who used to scare kids off with its darkness has gone lighter. Now they even offers skinny jeans for boys and girls who are not older than 11 years old so they can follow everybody else. Is that whole trend going to fade anytime soon? for a new one? Probably.


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