Sunday, August 16, 2009


I guess designers get influenced by life in general. Present, future and past. They reflect and express what life is all about in clothes. what we want to see and the person we would want to be.. wearing them. But like many of us might now, Fashion is a cycle.. Who would have thought two years ago that the "shoulder pads" would be back in style. In this moment of stress and economic issues, I think it hit most of us, that we should think twice about spending money on fashion. Especially when you are a broke student living off your savings. No-no what am i saying. Of course we still shop, we are just being careful about it. I feel like the past year has been all so dark and depressing. Fashion week definitely turned another way this year. And I'm glad to announce that the 80s are back. I feel like the designers wanted to remind us this period where neon colors, eccentric and asymmetric garments were the fun and brightness of this era. Which we should definitely include in our lifestyle and forget for a moment or two.. about our real-life issues.


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