Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We bought MJ back.

Michael Jackson was not only an impact on music, but on fashion too. He would play with each items he would wear. Combine them in the way he moved and expressed them with the beat of his music. From the shiny coats to the jackson'5 hairdo he influenced many people's fashion style, and helped us migrate into what we are today, music and fashion wise.

Just when the poor man dies unexpectedly and mysteriously. His most recognizable looks are coming back to life. From leather, shiny jackets (shoulder padded), cropped pants, socks and moccasins; the "Jackson Style" is back. The runway this season has seen some iconic pieces. We can tell where some of the inspiration came from. From Balmain to Chanel, most designers did their version of the famous orchestra vest. I say Louis Vuitton 's cropped pants and Louboutin astonishing flat studded moccasins are a must as well. Or I guess something to keep in mind when shopping for fall. Don't forget to wear matching socks and put your shiny gloves on.

some of his most memorable jackets : 1 2 3 4 5

Charlotte in Balmain (french glamour magazine)

Christian Louboutin studded moccasin


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plainolebob said...

oh, i am old fashioned though, just ask bess.