Monday, August 31, 2009

Karl WHO?

Chanel has been an inspiration to many in this world of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld who took over the brand in 1983 bought sexiness and glamour to the brand. After reading a rather interesting article on Karl Lagerfeld pretending to be Coco Chanel I decided to share my thoughts on Chanel on "before/after" Karl.
Gabrielle first founded the house as a hat designer, later on the brand got out there by her fashion who was unexpected and somehow manly. We, women of today, owe her the part where we can actually where pants, and said goodbye to horrifying corsets. Her vision of women, was simple and classy, what women really wanted to wear (and not what their husband wanted them to).
I came through an opinion that Chanel after Karl became a little over the top.. don't get me wrong I still loved Chanel as much.. I just think about the overly feathered heels and long corset-like laced dress Ive seen walk down the runway.. and I asked myself would Coco approve?
For a while It wasn't the same anymore no statement were made, or at least what she did was ..lost? Evolution was all I kept hearing.. Although Gabrielle through her years persisted to stay true to her name and do what she wanted would she have gone out.. that far?
I have to say after reading the article on Karl I now agree and see why it took this direction, maybe Coco would have approved after all.. maybe evolution would have affected her views on women. Maybe I am the only one that cares enough to write a whole blog about it .. but I wonder what others think?
Now on that note I appreciate Karl more than I did. And he is not just the new face of Chanel, he is a creative designer who persist to keep the brand alive .. and feels our needs in what we want Chanel to be. In the end he is not Gabrielle and we need to love his designs as he sees and creates them.

ps: I want that tote :D check it out here!

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