Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hollywood kills fashion in America!

Sometimes I like to go to my local bookstore and browse through the variety of fashion magazines. I notice that most of American's have Hollywood stars on their covers, while other countries, have models or designers on theirs. I personally enjoy to read French Vogue, not only because I can read it, but because the magazine covers fashion from beginning to end. As much as I love American magazines, I would love to see more about the industry and not about Hollywood stars. It seems like they get them on the covers every month pretending that she or he is the IT girl/boy of the moment. why are they changing and picking someone else every months then? Are actors and singers automatically a fashion icon because they are famous? I believe some are, but not everyone. I wish I could see less "Hollywood" in the issues of today. I want to read about fashion, not only the latest trend and how to dress tips, but designers, and their influences, some history about the industry, even costumes or an interview with the latest kid that managed to have an underground fashion show, to see where fashion is going next and the latest movie/music that influenced/showed fashion. I don't want to read the latest news about the IT girl/guy that released an album or scored a role in a hit movie.. I want fashion .. pure fashion. :)


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