Sunday, August 16, 2009


First impression is important. It is the first look that makes up an opinion about you. Most of the time people gets first impressions by the way you "look" and 'dress". The look of the individual of today says a lot about their personality. We buy what we like. What we want to wear. According to our mood and taste. There's a whole lot of history behind someone’s' look. You wonder sometimes, how did they manage to put this together, and why? What made them pick this shirt instead of all the others in the pile? It can be fascinating to understand each other’s outfit. The way one might wear a shirt might be completely different than the way someone else chose to wear it. We personalize and try to express ourselves through clothes. It could be a true passion to some or nightmares for others. Not everybody has that sense and love when putting an outfit together. Some people just don't understand and need help from others. However in most cases it just gives that little hint from the outside about who we are. A first glimpse, a first impression and hopefully a good reflection of who you truly are inside.


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